´╗┐´╗┐HydrosphereHydrosphere- The hydrosphere is basically all the water in the worldSource:

Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Body of Water, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006.
Source: http://alum.mit.edu/news/QuickTake/Archive/200812/index.htm

The hydroshere can come in a river, ocean, deltas, lakes, and clouds. The hydrosphere is also a big part of the water cycle. The weather cycle is precipitation, runoff/infiltration, evaporation/capillary action, evapotransportation. All of those include water.

Without the hydrosphere the other spheres would be affected. The biosphere would be heavily affected because without water plants, animals, insects, and small bacteria could live or function because the body needs water to live and also moisture in the air helps us breath. The geosphere would be affected because the crust would get no moisture and it would blow away also it helps contain the molten lava. The atmosphere needs water to form clouds because clouds protect the Earth from getting to hot. The hydrosphere is very important to the Earth.Source: Me and my mom.